SSDIRT effect like in the UNIGINE 2 Engine possible?

please see this video:
At 4:35 / 10:21 you can see the SSDIRT Effect!

Is it possible in UE4 to create such an Effect too?

If Not: this New function would be realy Great in UE4!!!

Kind regards!

Screen-space solutions for something like this is not a good idea. The mask shifts as the camera moves, which you can even see in their video.

But, this is really simple and there are a few ways you can go about it. If you want to stick to something screen-space, looking at the “Normal To Curvature” code in the material is a good start since that does what you want, but doesn’t give you a mask. You can recreate it in the material editor though.

Another option, and the more stable one, is to use pre-computed masks for AO and edge wear. If you keep them in the middle range of values, without going too extreme on either end, you can use parameters in the material to shift the mask.

doesn’t “Normal to Curvature” produce hard normals? I remember trying it once and the results were not usable due to that.

one really good key thing about that video though, is how they are able to use the results of a postprocess material (the dirt thing) into different buffers: color, roughness, metal, etc.
in UE4 in a postprocess material you can only modify the final color, while modifying any of the intermediate buffers would be really good.
the one case where I struggled and would’ve really needed it is one time I made a rain postprocess effect in an outdoors game. simply modifying roughness and specular would’ve been much better than what I ended up doing (I sampled a cubemap in worldspace in that postprocess and applied it everywhere as reflection)

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That looks great! Does it work on non-RTX cards?

Any card, It is use raymarching.