SSD crashes when enabled using Vulkan

While running on windows with default RHI=Vulkan, the engine crashed with error
!TShaderMapRef<anonymous namespace'::FSSDSpatialAccumulationCS>::TShaderMapRef<anonymous namespace’::FSSDSpatialAccumulationCS>() […\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Public\Shader.h…]
The project works fine on DX. The error looks like an existing issue

But did not find the resolution page. Does anybody know how to solve the issue?
Thanks a lot

Actually the crash is due to FSR2 plugin and solved by unsetting default value of enablement

if you are on vulkan and you switch to wireframe mode, did unreal crashes for you?

Just had a try and it did not crash on my 4.27 project, are you working with fsr2 plugin?

sorry i didn’t see the ue4 tag. i was talking about ue5

ok then I tried my ue5 build, it seems to work fine