SSAO only rendering on media material instead of whole screen.. need help please!

Hi, I’m new to Unreal from Unity …better late than never amirite!

So firstly I’m loving it and getting heaps more achieved than I could by myself as an Artist in Unity.
Secondly if this is the wrong thread please let me know where to repost this.

Onto my issue, I have screen space ambient occlusion in my Post Processing Volume (global) along with other effects like chromatic aberration. All the effects work as expected however my SSAO seems to be masked only to the Media Player Component. How can I get the SSAO to work for the whole screen. I tried bumping the priorities and deleting other components but no luck hunting down the culprit.

Additional info that might be useful:

-CCTV monitor playing a video using a Media Texture/Player

  • a SceneCapture2D component capturing the screen and used as light function for the CCTV’s glow
  • the SceneCapture2D is using an array to mask the CCTV’s Screen
  • using ExpHeightFog component in the scene and;
  • not using an RTX card so not sure if any ray tracing alternatives will work

Here’s a video of the issue I’m getting


UPDATE: I fixed this, it was a simple post processing error with my exposure blowing out the result. I got the result I was looking for setting my metering mode to manual.