Squished, sliding pawn when implementing local multiplayer

Hi I’m new to UE4 and was trying to implement some basic split-splitscreen multiplayer by following one of the epic games livestream tutorials( Blueprint Implementing Local Multiplayer | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube ). At 5:49 in the video my program works just like his. But at the next check to see if the game works at 17:08, my pawn is compressed into a thin sliver and looping the falling animation, even though it’s touching the ground. Moreover it slides(I can’t record video, but take my word for it), as if on ice, forever in one direction(accelerates the longer you hold the key down) unless you move in the opposite direction, but it will still drift around. I’ve restarted 4 times doing exactly as the guy in the video does, but get the same result. Can someone help me find out where I’ve made a mistake? The same problem happens using both gamepad and keyboard.

Didn’t change the pawn character