Square IES profile

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out and point me in the right direction.
I’m working on a scene that has a lot of tube lighting assets within it, I’m using IES profiles for the lighting but the profiles that i am using really don’t fit well within the scene. (they’re all cone shapes, mainly like an area light or Vee)

I’m looking for a square IES profile and im having no luck finding one. I use cryengine at my job and i normally would just create the black and white texture in photoshop and use that but UE4 doesn’t support that, right?
This is the sort of profile im looking for.


any help would be a greatly appreciated.


They’re everywhere if you Google IES. Here’s one free pack to download :

Actually, there are things called “Light Functions” you can build one with the material editor. In the attached image I created the light function material you see in the corner, in the scene it’s being projected from a SpotLight in the center of the image, the “Outer Cone Angle” controls the size that the Light Function is projected over when using a SpotLight. If it’s used on a Point Light the function is mapped spherically.

There is one Limitation though, it only works on Dynamic aka. Movable Lights.

ahh yes, this is exactly what im looking for! I’m relatively new to UE4, it seems so simple now. Thank you so much, I’ll give it a go now :cool:

I’m resurrecting this, because I spent all morning on the problem and couldn’t fix it. Google didn’t turn up other than Square Inverse Falloff or links to manufacturer’s for IE4 Light profiles. A friend from (Cody) helped me with the solution -

Can you share this material ?I don’t know how to write it ,Thank you !