Squad Development Kit Launched - Jun 23 @ 2PM ET - Live from Epic HQ / The Internet!


We’ve launched the Squad Development Kit, the second Unreal Engine powered mod editor, and the team behind the excellent competitive shooter, Squad, will be on to tell us all about it! You can read more about the release in our official announce post. Also, expect your regular dose of news, Community Spotlight and Shelley’s epic tricaster skills :slight_smile:

Thursday, June 23rd @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager, Epic Games - @UnrealAlexander](https://twitter.com/UnrealAlexander)
Garrett Fleenor - Lead Programmer, Offworld Industries - @RoyAwesome](https://twitter.com/royawesome)

Questions about the Squad Development Kit, Squad or modding in Unreal Engine? Let us know!

The whole reason I bought Squad is for the Mod SDK. :slight_smile:

Choo Choo HYPE TRAIN coming through!

Looking forward to this one :smiley:

At last, something to compete with Brexit…:stuck_out_tongue:

…and Steam sales :smiley:

As a big-fan of modding and due to it pretty much being the door to my career, I’ll be jumping in on this in a big way! If it’s all good with the Epic peoples, Imma be dropping some keys into chat for our newly released game too.

In case we’re taking Q’s:

Do you or any of your team come from a modding background? If so, was that a large part of the decision to support aftermarket mods?

As a developer with what looks to be a great IP, how do you deal with the idea of releasing some of your source content out into the open world, even though it’s relatively protected? Did you have an investor or an outside body that you had to explain that too at all?

From what I know the Squad developers are the same ones of Project Reality Battlefield 2.

Anyone know what size of world Squad uses and if they have a custom Origin-Shifting solution???

The wiki says 8km x 8km, so 64 sq km. I have no idea if they use a custom origin-shifting solution. I wonder if they are getting floating point precision inaccuracies with a map that large if they aren’t using origin shifting. I always thought 4km x 4km was the max before floating point precision becomes an issue.

Cheers for the fast reply! This solution seems to be on hold… If true, that’s disappointing…