Spwan Actor Menu

Hello :slight_smile:

i´m currently working on a porject where the Player in VR have a menu wiht different objects in front of him. He now can choose a obejct, click it and it will spwan in front of him.

I started with the BPs from the “UnrealtySimon”. He made a watch menu ( When you look at your hand you see the menu and cann interact with the buttons. I implemented my self a new button wich spwans a actor. For now the actor ist attached to the hand from the motion controller BP. This works.

The problem is, how can i deattach the object from my hand? The object (cube) stays on my hand no matter what i do. I´m also working wiht the standart VR template from UE4 so i assigned the pickup script to the cube.

i want to aks you guys if somoen has an idea how to implemnt this. It can also be a new way to this. I just want to swpan an actor in front of me when ever i click a button and the actor should be interactive becasu i want to move them later in the world.

This is a video of someone exactly doing what i want:
The menu should always be attached to the controller in my case.

Below are some screenshots of my BPs.

A parent Button registers all the overlaps and calls the event ButtonAction if the hand mesh overlaps with the button. This calls the SpwanButton. This one spwans a cube on the hand mesh.

I hoep you all understand and feel free to ask. I hope somebody can help me!