Sprite sheet animation and Material sprite sheets

Hey… So I’m trying to figure out how Tappy chicken uses a sprite sheet to create its animation and not any flipbooks.

The 4 animations are within one file as are all the materials within the level… With that there are also seperate instances of each material as it’s own Material and texture. When you open up a material in the component window it shows the round material object with every material within the game on it.

Also each material is located on one sprite sheet and also has it’s own texture what is the reasoning for this? Are these sprite sheets created on a 3d plane? Is there any tutorials explaining how one sprite sheet can be used for each seperate object within the game.

HI Wnfakind,

Shane Caulde, the creator of Tappy Chicken, posted the following about the game over in another post. Link to Original Post

<< “Hi, Tappy Chicken does not use lighting. I just made the material unlit. You can change this in the material, set the lighting mode to Unlit, and run your diffuse into the emissive channel. The Chicken animation is done by offsetting the UV’s in the material. If you open the chicken material you can see how this works. You basically just tell the material how many rows there are in the texture, and then just feed it what frame number you want. I do this with a timeline. You can find it on the lower left of the Blueprint. Also, if you doing an unlit game, go to Edit/Project Setting/ Rendering and uncheck Mobile HDR. This will turn off lighting all together, and will give better performance on low end devices.” >>

In regards to this, there are the textures (sprite sheets) that are imported and then a material (that UE4 uses and can be applied to any planes or meshes) is created based off that texture. The material that is created is using UV offsets for the animation of the chicken. However, if you look at the meshes for any of the other objects (ie. menu buttons or the obstacle poles) you can see their UVs are setup to be unique and to use a specific space on the material/texture.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Thank you!