Sprite Shadows

Hi guys

Just a quick question about 2D games in unreal, is it possible to have sprite shadows? I’m coming from a Unity background which didn’t really support them so wondered if I would have more luck with Unreal.

What exactly do you mean by sprite shadows?

  1. Shadow ‘blobs’ for 3D characters
  2. Sprites casting shadows as if they were 3D cutouts
  3. Sprites casting shadows ‘in plane’ in the 2D plane they’re in
  4. Something else entirely?

(1) and (2) are pretty easy to do right now, and I’d like to support (3) in the future but it isn’t supported currently (it’s on the backlog in the 2D roadmap).

Michael Noland

Sorry for bumping this thread, but this is the only one I found related to my question.
I want to do (2)
a sprite that casts shadows as if it were a 3D cutout.
It works if I put a static mesh with a texture with alpha, but I can’t get it to work when I use it inside my character blueprint.
or even if I change the first static mesh to movable.

my light has:
cast translucent shadows ON
Cast Dynamic Shadows ON

Can it be done? if not, will it be possible any time soon?
if yes… well, any idea of what I may be missing?
if there is no hope, then what about the blobs? how would I approach that?


Turns out that (2) wasn’t working correctly for sprites. I’ve checked in a fix in commit

@stromchin: Are you using Paper2D sprites or static meshes?

(1) as mentioned above would probably be a dynamic decal placed at the hit result of a ray trace from the player in the direction of the dominant light, adjusting the size / fading it out with increasing distance. (2) should ‘just work’ for static meshes though.

Michael Noland

Nice to see that. I tried both. But static mesh with translucent material didn’t work when I added it to the third person pawn for testing.
Thanks for fixing it for the sprites though, I’ll get it as soon as i can