Sprite lightning problem (video)


I have a problem with a lighting. No matter what settings I try to turn off, my sprite still has a slightly different color when it’s in “play” mode and different when it’s in viewport.

The sprite is also more brighten/darken when I switch through lit and unlit mode even though I disabled all post processing in “show” tab in viewport and vignette and tonemappe in DefaultEngine.ini file. I disabled everything I could in my PostProcessVolume. I use no lightning in my scene.

You can see what’s happening in this video: - YouTube

As you can see in unlit mode the sprites are a little bit brighter, in lit darker. Then when I switch to game the sprite seem to have some kind of vignette in the corners and is also a little bit darker than the sprite I imported to the project.

Does anybody have any ideas what’s going on?

It could be that eye adaptation setting are affecting the camera. Try setting the EV min and max to the same levels and see if it solves your problem.

I have set Min and Max brightness both to 0 in my post process volume. I also disabled auto exposure in my project settings, so I’m afraid it’s not the issue here.