Sprite Color Problems

In the editor sprites look exactly how I want it to look but for some odd reason when I play the game, all the sprites get darker and hard to see especially dark colors. I’ve been trying to fix this problem for a while now, searching online, changing every setting in the editor I though would fix this to no avail.

In Editor:

In Game:

I tried changing the material by multiplying the emissive color and it does help the dark areas but everything else gets to bright and washed out.

I also tried changing setting on the camera but it didn’t help. I even went though all of the project setting but nothing fixed it. And there is no post process or lights (its unit anyway) in the scene. Again when playing in game i want it to look like how it does in the editor.

Can someone please help me with this?

Well I figured it out thanks to all your wonderful comments! (sarcasm)

You have to make a post process material and put it in a post process volume, though I recommend putting it on the camera, and there you go fixed!


Hello Jacob/community, appreciate the solution posted, it certainly works okay. I had literally the same issue and got to resolve it in a different way but your solution is less complicated than mine…
I had a project on version 4.19 that was running well and my sprites looked correct but I decided to migrate the project over the latest version 4.22 by creating a blank project and moving assets over, but for my surprise the sprites looked all darkened like the pictures you’ve posted… after doing some troubleshoot I found out that materials on Paper2d plugin were showing darker than the ones on my backed up project on 4.19.
To make things short… If you’re doing a 2D game use the Paper2D template instead of blank project, it seems that some engine settings are tweaked for the sprite material to work correctly in template. Basically I created the project based on 2Dtemplate and migrated over my assets, they look right after doing so. Perhaps some sprites may need some work after migration but overall I had a good experience.