Sprite causing a blur like trail when moving


I’m having an issue where when I move my character he leaves behind a trail almost like a motion blur. Depending on what his behind him it looks a little different, but it appears to just be a copy of himself as he is moving.

I thought at first that maybe it was a motion blur effect and after some googling I tried to put in a post process volume and set the motion blur to 0. This did not have any effect on the trail being left behind. There are currently no post process volumes in my level. I created the gif above on a blank level with just a TileMap and the character to walk around. The character is just a pawn that has a flipbook attached to it to display the character walking down. The character is moved using Add Actor Local Offset, with sweep checked to do collision with the walls.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can correct this? Thanks ahead of time.

That looks like the by-product of using temporalAA.

Thanks! That’s not something I would have ever thought of. Turning the AA off actually totally corrected the issue.

I would have thought that the sprite would have provided motion vectors to the renderer to mitigate the smearing. Do you have any world position offset in the shader? That previously want providing any movement information to the renderer but there is an option now in the project settings to account for that.

I’m not entirely sure. I hadn’t actually changed any of the settings from the default as it was a fairly new project (a few days old). I’m not very familiar with many of the rendering settings as I’m still learning the engine. I’m not using any special shaders or anything, and if there is a default shader I haven’t made any changes to it.