Sprite animated materials not rendering correctly

I am new to UE4, need help to get my sprite animation going!
I am following a tutorial to set up animated materials. So I first exported png image sequences from Flash CS6, and put the image sequences together using “glueit”.

I imported the texture into UE4. And it displayed correctly in the content editor

But it showed up as a yellow color square in the content browser

Finally, I tried to apply this texture into the materials using flipbook function, but it showed up as dead yellow

Is there anything I did wrong in the process? Your help is very much appreciated!

Hi, I just looked at your material and you don’t have anything hooked up to the opacity node.
Just hook up the opacity of the texture(bottom gray node) to the opacity of the material and that should do it!

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Thanks greatly for your help! Now everything works flawlessly!