Spring #ue4jam!

team searching

Hi everyone,

I would like to participate to this Jam but this time with a team :slight_smile: (always done solo jams until now…)

I can do some basic 3D modelisation / animation (Blender), but I’m better for game design and programmation. I’ve yet participated to the October Mega Jam (Règlement de Comptes) and to smaller Jams where we had to code games from scratch (C/C++, SDL). You can see few pictures about theses projects here (minidemo - Google Drive).

I’m especially looking for one or more visual artists, musicians, but why not also other game designer / programmer. (I’m totally open to join an existing group :wink: )
I’m a french guy, I’m 100% operational to work with english-speakers but if there are other frenchs it’s good :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate to PM me! :wink:

Team Searching.

I’d be down to join a team for this.
I know blueprints and C++.
Always learning but I know the fundamentals.
I’m a programmer by trade with 5+ years Unity Experience looking to hone into Unreal Development more seriously.

I’ve been working in Unreal on and off since 4.9 and have my own VR prototype game called Laser Survival and a multiplayer game built on top of the Shooter Game Project called Hidden Unreal.

This will be my third participation, but the first one alone. But let’s go. Nothing that some Monster’s do not solve.

Alex is dope definitely add him

Kinda excited to get into my first game jam!

Hey [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]!

We would love to join in a team of 5 as Vhite Rabbit [sic.]. Since none of us has been active enough on the forums we are not able to send PMs yet :slight_smile:

Very very excited for our first UE Jam!

Solo jamming here :slight_smile: The weekend marks the start of my short vacation, so perfect timing for some fun crunch days ! :stuck_out_tongue:

As someone with a full-time job, I fail to understand why we only get 3 days to work on this? Can’t we get a full week?
Teams with more people have an advantage over say, a team of two who have to create 3D models, animations, environments, sounds, music from scratch.
The last time I entered a game jam, there was so much work that we couldn’t find time to design a UI.
A full week would allow more breathing room, while simultaneously increasing the quality of submissions greatly and in Donald Trump’s words, “What the h** do you have to lose?” :slight_smile:
I understand game jams are traditionally only a couple of days long, but I implore you to think about it.

Is anyone lives in MASS, Springfield/Boston area?

Nobody realistically can give up a week of their lives four times a year for a game jam. In any case the entries aren’t judged on quality as a result of time and manpower available, they’re judged based on their relative merits. Do one thing and do it really good.

Hey, my situation is similar to Squareys’, not a big poster here so I can’t send PMs yet. Anyways I’d like to join the jam with my brother as a team called Broliai. Looking forward to the theme announcement!

Our team name is “!Unity” (pronounced “Not Unity”) and we have five members. (Can’t PM yet; thank you!)

I’m sorry but you wrote this:

and I think you misspelled Samsung

I’ve add you’re teams and also a note for others to just post in the thread.

Yup! Good eye!

Thanks for all of the feedback too everyone! I see some people bringing up longer timeframes and I am considering making the next jam start on a Thursday stream and end during a Tuesday stream. How does that sound? A full week for the MegaJam though? I’m always open to comments and ideas.

Anyone still looking for artists? (I know this is a bit of a last moment thing)
We are two industry artists who can do all types of stuff and are happy to work on VR too! (we have access to Vive and Oculus and a large play area)
We are two very experienced artists, looking for a programmer with a current established team or - programmer to make a team!
Some around European timezone would be good, although if anyone outside don’t mind doing communication during European daytime sign us up!

You can contact us on Twitter: @beringline and @yakkomike or pop me an email:

Our team name is Deep Space Games and we have 2 members. (Can’t PM yet; thank you!)

Our team name is {mismatched-bracket] games), with two members.

Our team name is Blue Screen Games and we have 4 members.

Hey everyone!

I just saw that this jam was happening tomorrow so it’s kind of late notice but if there is anyone still looking for a designer/programmer I’d be happy to team up with them. I’m a C++ developer by day but I tend to work with a mix of C++ and Blueprint in Unreal. I have a Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch for those doing VR projects, but I’m fine with doing a traditional game as well. I’ve been working on a VR tower defense game slowly in my spare time over the past 6 months or so, so I have some experience there as well. I have VERY limited modeling experience with Blender, so if needed I could contribute in that capacity as well.

This is the first game jam that I will have done, and I’m excited to get going and make something cool. Let me know if you’d like me to join your team, otherwise I’ll be working solo for this one.