Spring UE4jam Winners - April 13th - Live from Epic HQ


The Spring UE4jam is finally over and the winners will be announced on this extra-special livestream! First we’ll start with some news and updates about the new Photorealistic Character project that was released. Then, I’ll announce the winners and play through all of the winning entries live! Come watch and see who all won these amazing prizes!

More details on the jam and the prizes here!](Spring #ue4jam! - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums)

Thursday, April 13th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



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Will it be possible to get a detail list of the scores of all titles ? To be able for people not in top 3 (or not winners of specialized categories) to see how their games succeed [MENTION=8] [/MENTION] ?

I’d love to see an unofficial Unreal Engine stream where Unreal devs/interns/whoever play through the entries and throw out some commentary. Scores are nice, and winning is nice, too, but being able to watch others play through your games and see how they interact with your entry is the coolest part of the Jam for me. I think that’s currently a strength of something like Ludum Dare over the ue4 jams right now - the games get more visibility and developers have a better to improve with feedback.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hyped to see what has made! :smiley:

this is the first game jam that I can remember where someone didn’t stream playthroughs etc on Twitch since the game jam’s started. they are fun to watch even if you haven’t participated in the game jam.

Where can I find the list of honorable mentions so that I can feel the crushing disappointment of failure?

I agree with this… would be great to get feedback

There have been a few streams/playthroughs if you’re interested, but they’re all community devs - no Unreal participation that I’m aware of:

forums user jdaw here streamed some games right after submission ended:

at Houdini has been streaming jam games off and on Twitch at at https://www.twitch.tv/benmears1

I’ve been slowly playing VR entries and adding them to a YouTube playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlKz3055RHziofNd04ifFRyHKRDhq2wr. I plan on playing all 16 I’m aware over through this weekend.