Spring #UE4jam Submission Thread!

Bad Day Raccoon

Bad Day Raccoon is a ** MOBILE ** action game focused on gyroscope experience. After trying to retrieve their ball from the old raccoon’s property, the little squirrels will have to face the farmer Samuel R. Jackson’s bad mood. Be prepared to use your machine gun to ** SPRING INTO ACTION! ** and take these disgusting creatures out of your property!

How to play: The game only runs on mobile and requires gyroscope-capable for turning. Hold down the screen to keep firing the machine gun. Have fun! :heart:
Team : Lost Weekend
Members: 5

Under 100mb club too!

[video]Unreal Game Spring Jam 2017 - LostWeekend BadDayRaccoon GamePlay - YouTube

[video]Bad Day Raccoon ~ Intro - YouTube


Petal to the Metal
By Thirsty Nerds

Team members :

  • Jordan Trepanier - Environment Assets / Game Design
  • Erik Vandenberghe - Level Design / Game Design
  • Yunior De la Cruz Avila - Character
  • Hugo Lamarche - Programming / Sound Effect / VFX / Game Design
  • Andrew Blakney - Game Design

Third party assets used :

  • Sound effects from
  • Music from Kevin MacLeod
  • Everything else was done during the Gam Jam !

Overview :
Petal to the metal is a game where between 2 and 4 players control gnomes riding planting machines and compete to cover as much of the area in their colour of flowers.
Inspired by the likes of Dr.Suess and other childlike Whimsy, Petal to the Metal is a light hearted way to have quick fun with friends.

Tips :
Use Alt + Enter to make it fullscreen !

Video :

Download Link : (98MB, win32, after extracting)
Team Jfaw
Martin Spectrum

My high score is 55. Let me know if you can beat it!

Click the “How to Play” button to find out how to play and click the “About” button to see a bit about the context for this submission. You can also access the how to play widget via the Escape menu while you are in the middle of playing if you need an extra reminder for whatever reason.

What I got the most out of this game jam were a few things: learning how to reduce the package size in a effective way, learning how to manipulate the MatchState with the GM and the GS classes, and learning how to avoid pre-planning the framework class organization too much so that I can just dive in and make the gameplay work properly. I also got a good amount of experience working with the UMG editor. I had not ever used the Size Box before this game jam, for example. I think I still need to work on making my UI widgets look prettier and have a more appealing and clean style, though.

Clan Moore - Spring Game Jam Submission

Spring Flowers and Showers
by Clan Moore

Team members:
Adrian Moore - Game Development
Wendi Moore - Idea and Game Play

Submission: 164MB

Pick number and type of flowers listed on scoreboard before time runs out.
Click on a flower to pick it and wait for it to re-grow.
Controls: First Person


The flower textures in this game use images from
Walls, tree, plants and grass from Epic Content.

Sounds from Epic Content
Crow from Fun Casual Sounds Epic Market Place

Market Place
Music from Tree of Life Epic Market Place

Ambidextrous - Spring Loaded

How to Play / Controls:
WASD for movement.
Arrow Keys for movement of springs.
Goal is to finish the level without losing all your water.
-If vehicle becomes stuck make sure to move the arrow keys.

Team Members
Jesse Gibbons
Theo Warren

Third Party Assets
-2 Water Sounds from (public domain)
-2 Textures from (Pavers and Dirt)


Download LINK: - Google Drive (Google Drive)
Team name: BioComputed
List of team members: Aokami (all alone this time)

Name of your submission: BioComputed_MakeItToBeTheTree

Assets and tech used:

Description: You are supposed to grow into the World Tree.
To do this, you would have to wake up the bees by growing daisy flowers all along the meadow, clear the lakes by growing water lilies and finally seed yourself in the holy underground shrine by finding your way in caves growing bio-luminescent mushrooms.

I tried not to be too ambitious this time, but I clearly didn’t have time for this jam.
Still feel ashamed to release such poorly designed and programmed content but I managed to learn 2 or 3 things. :wink:

I didn’t have time to implement:

  • Throwing seeds and Growing Plants
  • Levels
  • Sound
  • HUD
  • Menu

Control Scheme:
WSAD: Move
Space: Jump
Mouse: Camera

Other Software Used:

  • Blender
  • Gimp

Spring Comes Armed

Download: - Google Drive
Team: 5
Team Members: intoxicat3, bibbit, sew, mikethemelon, SmallShake
Name Of Submission: TheStrangers_SpringComesArmed

List any content that was created before the jam:

  • Blood from Shooter Example,
  • Polygon Adventure Pack (meshes: trees, rocks, grass, fences, hills, clouds and bridge)
  • Sounds from
  • Music from - shut down by simon_mathewson
    Everything else created during jam.

**Winter has come and has no intention of going away any time soon. Vesna, the Incarnation of Spring, takes matters into her own hands. Armed with some very convincing arguments, she heads out to end winter once and for all.

Based on the slavic pagan rituals of banishing winter by destroying its effigy, Spring Comes Armed lets you experience change of seasons like you never have before.**

Vid: Spring Comes Armed - YouTube

Team Name: Joakim Olsson
Number of members: 1

**Team Members: **Joakim Olsson

**Name of submission: JoakimOlsson_AttackOfTheSpringRabbits
Download link: - Google Drive

This is a VR game, and I have only tested in on the Vive
Assets used:**
I only used the bush from starter content, as well as some primitives. The rest of the assets were made by me during the weekend, using Houdini :slight_smile:

Since I joined this game jam yesterday afternoon I didn’t have enough time to add sound or music. And it’s not 100% balanced. But it’s still fun :slight_smile:

**Link to a download of your game: Google Drive - Virus scan warning **

Fixes - fixed dish washing bug, relocated mum so she’s not facing the window for jar opening
Bugs - need to click once when entering math and pipe fixing game to get mouse cursor and click once again after game to regain camera control

Team name: Dad Interactive
List of team members: @Allshar](, @DennyRocketDev](, @d3rzo](, @jakayaki](, @Slapunas](

Name of your submission: Angry Angry Dad

Press “E” to drink/interact
Press WASD to move

CREDITS - Only includes font/sound/music in here, the rest of the assets were made by us during this jam.
[SPOILER] Door slam - Freesound - "Door slam 1.wav" by bennstir

Door slam 2 - Freesound - "Door_slam_2.wav" by deleted_user_2104797

Stadium sounds - Freesound - "ARENA_AUF_SCHALKE.wav" by studiob

Phone - Freesound - "Phone_Ring.mp3" by cs272

Goal - Freesound - "Barça goal 04-2006.mp3" by jordiroquer “Barça goal 04-2006 - Jordiroquer” (CC license - Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0)

Failure sound - Freesound - "remix of 54047__guitarguy1985__buzzer_Variants.wav" by Timbre “remix of 54047__guitarguy1985__buzzer_Variants by Timbre” (CC licsense - Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC 3.0)

Door bell - Freesound - "Door Bell Rings" by LanDub

Crowd sound - Freesound - "Football Crowd - Near Miss ooh - Southampton Vs Hull at Saint Mary's Stadium.wav" by Quistard “Football Crowd - Near Miss ooh - Southampton Vs Hull at Saint Mary’s Stadium.wav by Quistard” (CC license - Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0)

Smoke alarm sound - Freesound - "Smoke detector alarm, close perspective.wav" by SpliceSound

“Heros theme” by Twin Musicom ( under Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0

“64 Pop Sting” by Twin Musicom ( under Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0

Norwester - Font Squirrel | License for font family 'Norwester' under Font Squirrel | License for font family 'Norwester'


Thanks for the contest. Well done to those who won!

Xtreme Pogo Deathmatch

Xtreme Pogo Deathmatch! (A standing experience for HTC Vive)
Download: TeamTaco_XtremePogoDeathmatch.7z - Google Drive

The year is 2001. Evil hackerz have infiltrated the mainframe. Use your sick pogo skills to dodge and destroy the enemy drone viruses. Bounce the pogo off of any surface, but be careful not to fall off the edge. Choose between your laser pistol or sword by switching hands. Are you enough of a GAME MASTER to survive?

Team Name:
Team Taco

Team Members:
Michael Sillitoe (Art)
Ike Johnston (Programming)
Line Bering (Art)

Submission Name:

How To Play

  • Grab the pogo by holding one of the triggers while your hand is over the handle.
  • Grab a handle with your other hand to free that hand and use its weapon.
  • Bounce off of any surface in order to stay on the platform as long as possible.
  • Destroy drones while avoiding their fire to earn points.

The only premade content is as follows:

  • Music from incompetech: Voltaic
  • A few Sound effects from sonniss’s GameAudioGDC Bundle Parts 2 & 3
  • Hand Mesh: From Unreal VR Template


Game Name: Spring journey
Team name: Hot dogs
Members: Wotrin,Batya

Download Links x64:
Made for VR: Oculus touch
Description: **

VR spring journey. For better gaming expirience please sit on the chair.
PS:Please play till the end, there will be some surprise:D
Third Party Assets:**
Sounds from

PS: Cant PM you:(

**Game Link: **

Game Name: Springshot
Team Name: Lonesome
Team Members: Scott

How to play

  • Use mouse to aim
  • Left mouse button to fire
  • F key to use “Slow mo ability”

Aim of the game
Hit the enemies before they hit the water! simple enough? The best I got was to level 10 :slight_smile:

Pre-Made assets
All meshes weere pre-made (I am no modeller :frowning: ) I.e. rocks from cave demo, water from water planes, tree from open world demo (I think), third person mesh.

Some materials, textures, altered meshes and all custom gameplay made during the game jam.

From what little time I had, there is no sound apart from gun shots.

D/L Link:
Team name: N/A
Team Members: 1x WarpSpasm
Name of Submission: Springy Spring
Controls:Hold screen to decompress spring release to jump, hit red block gameover

I only had a few hours available but really wanted to do an android game being the first time that is allowed, used googleplay so its easier to install, could possibly be the worst game ever made

Assets used:
1x Spring Made In Blender with screw modifier
1x Cube Mesh from engine content
1x Free Font from fontspace

Spring is in the Air

[FONT=Arial Black]Name of Submission:
[COLOR="#008000"]Spring is in the Air[/COLOR]
***[FONT=Arial Black]Download Link***
[Team Name]_[Project Name]

***[FONT=Arial Black]GDD***
***[FONT=Arial Black]Trello:***

[FONT=Arial Black]Team Members:
Art Lead and Float : Keith McNabb
Coding Lead : Philip Zimmermann
*Project Mgmt/Design : Sebastian Scaini
Sound Lead : Luigi Zaccagnini
Level Design : Hosein Mohamady
[FONT=Arial Black]Team Name:
Springy McSpringface and the Springs Sponsored by Spring Powered INC.

Stats Card

Intended to use as a balanced unit making up the meat of your army.
Average stats.
Medium grow time.
Attack: 50
Defense: 50
Health: 50
Weight: 50
Harder to make than all the other units, but it pays off in the end.
Low damage output, but high defense and health make it an invaluable tank unit.
Long grow time.
Attack: 25
Defense: 75
Health: 100
Weight: 100
Intended to be disposable and rapidly grows. Quantity over quality.
Low stats in all areas, but can fly the farthest.
Can turn the tides of battle by providing rapid reinforcements.
Short grow time.
***Stats: ***
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Health: 25
Weight: 10

4 Phases

Chose your Flower
Harvest your Flower
Shoot your Flower
Fight your Flower

[FONT=Arial Black]Premade assets:
kite grass - optimized for use during jam
kite tree - optimized for use during jam
animations - Mixamo
water material
fog particle

[FONT=Arial Black]Made for PC

***[FONT=Arial Black]Objective of Game:***Spring your flowers into the action! Defeat the other person Hot Spring
[FONT=Arial Black]Videos:

[FONT=Arial Black]Screen Shots:

[FONT=Arial Black]Controls:

**planting:**left click on the arrows on the pot to choose your flower
**harvest:**left click on pots to pick them up
left click on Spring Launchers to load the pot up.

**shoot:**move mouse around to aim, left click to fire

**view :**mouse wheel to zoom in and out
move: w a s d

[FONT=Arial Black]Tips and Tricks

Spread your flowers out in each lane
Pick a balanced approach when growing your flowers
Your Hot Spring has 1000 health, if you do not lose all your health there will be another round
Damage caps out in a lane, do not send all your flowers to 1 lane
Shooting an empty flower pot add no value :slight_smile:
the rose’s weight stops you from shooting it very far - use the stat cards for help


  1. MEGA
  2. AnaroGames
  3. Arghirescu Constantin
  4. AnaroGames_ShotIT

Can’t PM you!

Game Name: Elementium
Team Name Roman
Team Members: Just me :slight_smile:

Download Link: (PC and Android)

Spring Step
Made by A Flying Potato

Download here

Bring some life back into a dead garden!

WASD+Space Bar for movement
Left click to grow roots
Right click to ignite flammable objects

All assets made by me (because I apparently felt like making this much harder than it had to be)

Any feedback is appreciated too!

Springling VR

A Vive VR Game by Rune Berg & Kevin Duell

Ensure that the Springling, the herald tree of Spring survives. Activate the 3 wellsprings that feeds this young tree by smashing ice towers atop the floating islands to bring about the advent of Spring- leap your way atop each one by:

(main leaping/springing mechanic):

  1. Cross your swords (they will glow blue)
  2. While swords crossed, press tboth triggers to activate (your swords will glow purple and sizzle with energy)
  3. Uncross/Slash your swords downwards while still holding both triggers
  4. When your hands are on your sides, release the trigger and SPRING UP TO ACTION!

Bonus: To make it easy, you can press the down (face) button on any controller while leaping to break the leap and fall down immediately. (Once you master the basics, try not using this too much to give yourself a challenge :wink: )

Avoid: falling rocks, they can drag you down to death - slash them to pieces and they will be ineffective.

Submission Details:

Rune Berg

  • Game Development & Level design
  • Gameplay & VR Mechanics concept

Kevin Duell

  • Original score for this jam
  • Gameplay concept

Third party / Pre-made

  1. RunebergVR Pawn Components (UE4 Marketplace / GitHub)
  2. Enchantment Swords VFX by Quantum (UE4 Marketplace)
  3. SFX by
  4. UE4 Starter & Sample Content
  5. UE4 GDC KiteDemo
  6. UE4 Particle Effects Project
  7. UE Landscape Project
  8. GDC Bundle + Bulk SFX Samples for Fruity Loops
  9. Caspian sea satellite pic from NASA

Android Link:
PC Link

Team Members: BpAndrew
Name: Never Not Knight

Asset Disclosure

1 - Various Synty Studio 3d asset kits
2 - Audio Pack
3 - Icon Pack
4 - Dungeon Generator (WOW THIS IS GREAT)
5 - AI Behavior Tool Kit
6 - Used code from my main game + old game jam games