Spring #UE4jam Submission Thread!

Welcome to the Spring UE4jam Submission thread!

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Skate Into Action | Game Submission

Watch Game Video Demo: Skate Into Action UE4 Game | Game Jam Spring 2017 - YouTube Skate Into Action UE4 Game | Game Jam Spring 2017 - YouTube

  • Link to Game:
  • Team name : The Warriors
  • List of team members : just me @Ue4Hero
  • Name of submission: TheWarriors_SkateIntoAction

Hay amazing community, i loved to share with you a video demo of a game i made to apply to the UE4 [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Game Jam for Spring 2017.
As we all know Spring presents the beaty and that is represented by the nature landscape in this game, the action is the race with time and the ability to collect as much points as possible.

This game is named “Skate Into Action”, the game is recommended to be played by multiple players trying to compete to achieve a high score, i have developed a small algorithm to calculate the score
based on coins and time to finish the lap, you can play while enjoying the amazing beauty of Spring, hope you like it.

How to play:
Use the AWSD Keys to skate around.
Use SpaceBar to Jump, (Tip: when you turn while you’re jumping the characters performs a cool tornado style rotation.
Try to collect as much coins as possible, but be aware that you got a timer so do it quick, there is also a rare object to collect which is the timer, when you collect it you’ll have - 3 seconds. HAVE FUN competing with your friends.:):cool:

First time learner with the Unreal Engine 4 and my first ever GameJam. Really enjoyed the learning experience and putting together a simple spring themed game. My effort was getting a basic concept in place, spring mechanic for travelling, win & lose condition, scoring system and very basic material/level design. Going to put some extra time and effort into it tomorrow and see if i can get it looking a bit more interesting!

Link to a download of your game: MEGA
Team name: Atrox_Productions
Team Members: GeneralAtrox

Name of your submission: Atrox_Productions_SIA_Springers

Download link

Hey guys, little early submission but I have to sleep due to timezones so I figured I’d upload now rather than scramble in the morning. Decided to aim for the <100mb target and hit it with 40mb to spare. I guess I didn’t need to be quite that frugal, but it’s my first time doing something like that. I was originally going to include multiplayer and AI’s that you would be competing with, but midway through day 2 I cut all that when it was clear that I wasn’t going to have near enough time. It’s a little content lacking, but good for 5 minutes of fun.

Anyway, the game is a series of simple mini-games vaguely season themed. You have to spring into action (see what I did there?) otherwise you will lose the minigame. Use the arrow keys, WSAD, or a controller if you’re into that sort of thing, and occasionally enter. Oh and hard mode is really hard. If you clear more than 3 rounds I would be surprised. I never got through more than two. And regular mode switches over to hard mode if you pass 10 rounds. So there’s that. Have fun!

Team name: Actually Autumn
Members: Daelus(me!)

Extra notes: If the game doesn’t run, I’m sorry. It runs on both the computers I tested it on, but it wouldn’t shock me if it didn’t for you. I kinda went overboard stripping things out of packaging, and it only runs when I package it in shipping mode, so no console either. I included a little widget on the menu so you can still enter console commands, but I’m not sure how well that works. It’s hard to test.


Android version:

Bonus Windows version:

Team name : UmkaApps
List of team members :1
Name of submission: UmkaApps_Spring

List any content that was created before the jam:
SkyBox,BG music:Royalty Free Music & Non-Copyrighted Music by Patrick de Arteaga Happy Ending

How to play:
android: left joystic - rotate the plane. Button with cloud - wind (speed)
windows: WASD - rotate the plane. T - add wind (speed)

Gameplay:Collect 50 flowers and planes. Have fun :slight_smile:
I’ve tested performance landscape map on android. It’s need good device with mali T800+ gpu. Not enough time for optimization, sorry :frowning:

Link to Game: CLICK HERE

Team name : itsame
List of team members : just me
Name of submission: itsame_springclean (or: “Spring clean dungeon - Wrath of the dirt ghosts” but that’s too long :frowning: )

All assets made for the jam except for the normal map for the floor tiles was generated from a texture found on textures.com

How to play:**

Left click a tile to move there
Right click to clean the tile (if it’s dirty)
Power-ups are generated after every 5 tiles - but generating can fail so don’t rely on power-ups too much.

Try to clean as many tiles as possible before the timer runs out. If more tiles are clean than dirty then you win. Easy, right? :slight_smile:

Have fun :smiley:

Link Download: Windows64BIT

Team: Unicorns Developers
Members: Cássio Sardinha
Name Of Submission: UnicornsDevelopers_PurifyTheSpring

A and D for Walk
Space For Jump
**ESC **for Menu

List any content that was created before the jam:
Spring Landscape (Marketplace Unreal)
Urban city (trees) (Marketplace Unreal)
Song: LDUK - Game Over (LDUK - Game Over - YouTube ) (No Copyright)

ps:Post editing made for URL correction

Members: solo
Name Of Submission: sleepingdragon_JUMPBUG


Go to the goal.


“A Spring’s Journey”

Download here: A Spring's Journey by MattWoelk or here.

Team Name: Woelk
List of team members: Woelk
Name of submission: MattWoelk_ASpringsJourney


Team Name: Proton Nuker Labs
Number of members: 1
Name of Member: Siddhante N.

Name of submission: ProtonNukerLabs_Water That Tree

Download Link: https://goo.gl/fCkbYB

How to Play: Help the trees usher into spring by leaping from platform to platform and aiming at them to fire a ball of water. A tree successfully hit will turn from yellow to green. If you fall in the water, it’s game over. Can you water all the trees before the timer runs out?
**Controls: **
WASD Controls the movement.
Fire using left mouse button and zoom using right mouse button
**Assets used: **
Low poly trees, landscape and all other assets designed during the jam
Sounds sourced from Freesound.org
Low poly water shader from Harrington (Low Poly Water Test - YouTube)

Link to a download of your game: MEGA
Team name: Ryada
List of team members: Roderick S.
Name of your submission: Ryada_Snowman

How to play:
Defeat the snowman and make spring return once again.
Dodge or destroy the iceballs the snowmans shoot at you, and watch out for the small snowmans.

WASD to move around
right mouse button to aim
left mouse button to shoot

Assets used:
3rd person template
Prototype weapons market place
Animation Starter pack from the market place

Team Name: Seven Slash ( 7/ )
Number of Members: 5

Team Members: Balázs Bakon, Márk Székely, Máté Neumann, Máté Makra, Bálint Surman

Name of Submission: SevenSlash_Springify

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0B3K53Yjm_CeGx2OC0xbl8wSG8/view?usp=sharing

How to Play:

Help the first ray of the sun fullfill it’s destiny and bring us spring!


Read Tutorials :slight_smile:

Assets used:
Some tree from Free Tree Library. ([Free] Trees Library - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums)
Some rock from bought rock builder pack from Mawi. (http://www.mawiunited.com/store/store_rb.html)

Everything else was made for this gamejam…

You find the game HERE. (Windows version)
Team name:
List of team members:
Name of your submission: JK5000_JustAnotherHeroGame

Four of the world greatest heroes is fighting about who is the best hero. To figure this out, they decided to make a small competition.

The game is a simple digital board game for one to four players.


  • The game is controlled with the mouse.
  • Escape: Quit
  • R: Restart

Used Software:

  • Unreal engine 4
  • Blender
  • GIMP 2
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity
  • LMMS

I have made everything doing the jam, this includes all the sound effects, music and graphics.

Good luck and have fun

Team Name: Team Freaking Exhausted

Team Members: Dan Wad, Loh Wai Yong, Yeo Chuan Tong, David Burrows

Name of Submission: TeamFreakingExhausted_DeathSpringBattlefield

Best to wait to after deadline to download as I will update this as it gets closer and closer to deadline.
Download Link: google drive link

How to Play:
First you have to set your name and character before you can play in the menu!

Host a server or join one (its boring to play alone since it’s a multiplayer game without ai :frowning: ).
The server list only shows lan servers! But, you can write your ip on the right side of the join server.
I will try to keep the server on the already written ip up after deadline for you all to test!

Use WASD to move around and space to jump. R to ready up before a match and escape to leave the game and go back to menu!

If using XBox game pad: (this only works in the arena).
Left stick to move, right stick to look the sides, bottom button to jump, start to ready up and back to go back to menu.

Jump on other players to kill them and get the highest score each round to win!

Assets used:
Only thing we used was the polycount smiley face that is free to use and was to sculp in the logo into one side of some boxes…
Link: Polycount:About - polycount

I had an project already done before the theme reveal that had a few standard ue starter objects that was removed as we swapped things out.
Also the project had already the most standard items that isn’t needed blacklisted and I had set it up to use the least amount of space possible.

We had a really tough time in this jam. Not only was it our first jam. But, my graphics card fried itself so I had to go with an old back up Nvidia 9800 gtx 512 mb vram!
(The excellent speed and crashy enjoyments it brought with it was in every way… superb…)
One of the artists lost his internet the same day the jam started. So he had to transfer everything by mobile data and he has only seen the game by gifs and screenshots…
In every way this was a great experience and we had a lot of fun even with these issues!
We cannot wait for the next UE4Jam! Now, I am going to sleep for a very long time… So, freaking exhausted…

Sunflower Warrior

[FONT=Arial Black]Sunflower Warrior
By Games Or Whatever

Team Members: Ziegler & Trevor Dedekind
Game: GamesOrWhatever_SunflowerWarrior

All Sound Effects are from the Youtube Audio Library.
All other assets and code were created from scratch after the start of the gamejam, That’s a lot of stuff…

Under 100mb club! 84mb Extracted, 48mb Zip.
Download Link: Sunflower Warrior by RichardULZ


Link: CaffeinatedBacon_AWorkingLife.rar - Google Drive
Video: UE4 GameJam 2017 - A Working Life - YouTube

Team name: Caffeinated Bacon
List of team members: Sam Marsden
Name of your submission: CaffeinatedBacon_AWorkingLife

A simulation of life, and the inevitable trouble it brings.
A game about growing and protecting your farm, contains fun physics and ragdolls :slight_smile:

**Controls: **
Move - WASD
Interact - Left Mouse Button

Epics First Person template
Sounds - wavlist.com, angelfire.com
Music - Kevin Macleod
A modified butterfly Blueprint for the birds. (Content Examples)
Terrain Material (Modified from an earlier project - practically rebuilt from scratch but decided to include in this list)

This is not only my very first Game Jam, but also this first game I have actually packaged and shown anyone (I really hope some-one likes it :3)

Game Name: Bounce Sprout
Team name: Illumine Games
Members: Megan (Megpixels), Ørjan (Forcedown)

**Download Links: **

32bit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4RXo_fjZQN3Nk1KbzBMU19ic3c/view?usp=sharing
64bit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4RXo_fjZQN3djg0QkIxSzZjSzQ/view?usp=sharing

**Description: **

Did you know that flowers make great trampolines? We didn’t either.

Keyboard recommended, but you can also use a gamepad. We won’t judge.

**All Assets including music were made by us during the game jam period. **

Optional updated build with minor polish:

Copyright 2017 Illumine Games. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named illuminegames.

Team name: Vatras
Members: Vatras548
Submission name: Vatras_SpringRivers
Game name: Spring Rivers
Link to download: Vatras_SpringRivers.7z - Google Drive

Defeat all adversities and get to the spring!

W - move faster;
S - move slower;
A,D - turn;
SPACE - shoot;
ESC - exit;

Enemies: opengameart
Sounds: freesound
Image: screen.png - Google Drive

Buddy the Bunny: Seasonal Takeover

Download Link:

Team Name:

Team Members:
Andrius Paulauskas
Lukas Paulauskas

Name of Submission:

Third party assets used:
Sound effects were gathered under CC0 from freesound.org

Everything else was done during the Jam.

How to Play:

WASD to move
Mouse to aim
Left Mouse to shoot
Space to jump
Escape to enter the pause menu

Play as Buddy, a bunny who wakes up on the 1st of March and expects to see The Spring outside his little cove. Instead he witnesses the harsh cold of The Winter. Irritated at Santa for still being around and keeping his henchmen on the fields, still freezing the grass, Buddy takes up on himself to drive the insolent old man out… One snowman at a time!

The goal of the game is to destroy as many of Santa’s henchmen as possible.

Bad Day Raccoon

Bad Day Raccoon is a ** MOBILE ** action game focused on gyroscope experience. After trying to retrieve their ball from the old raccoon’s property, the little squirrels will have to face the farmer Samuel R. Jackson’s bad mood. Be prepared to use your machine gun to ** SPRING INTO ACTION! ** and take these disgusting creatures out of your property!

How to play: The game only runs on mobile and requires gyroscope-capable for turning. Hold down the screen to keep firing the machine gun. Have fun! :heart:
Team : Lost Weekend
Members: 5

Under 100mb club too!

[video]Unreal Game Spring Jam 2017 - LostWeekend BadDayRaccoon GamePlay - YouTube

[video]Bad Day Raccoon ~ Intro - YouTube