Spring Sale?

Hey all, I’m curious if there’s going to be a spring marketplace sale or not, last year it started today so I figure it should be soon.
I’ve kept my eyes out for a seasonal sale since I missed the fall sale last year and they ended up not doing a winter sale, they said the next big sale would be the spring sale, but I haven’t seen anything. I’ve checked the news feeds, and scrolled through tons of marketplace pages to see if there’s anything on it, even searched the tags for; spring, sale, and seasonal. I can’t find anyone talking about it.
Any word?

I would be very interested in more information on this. I’ve also checked in every few days for news on the spring sale.

I’ve been expecting it as well. They let that become the expectation, actually. So…

Sales generally arent announced before hand since it stops people from buying anything in anticipation of the sale.

The other side of that coin is people don’t save their money (from other expenditures), or spend it on a sale somewhere else. On holiday sales Epic is particularly bad about that, IMO.

Gotta agree with this /\ . I save money for the marketplace each big seasonal sale and end up dropping a lot of money, sometimes thousands of dollars. I’ve only bought a couple of assets in the past 9 months due to anticipation for the next big sale that never comes, or if it does come it doesn’t get announced so I often miss it due to work/school. To be frank I love the marketplace because its affordable and the marketplace creators are awesome, but it’s not the only marketplace and in recent days I’ve had to outsource so I can afford to continue development when I would much rather put my money into the unreal community.
So it may not be the end of the world, but it did stop me from relying on the marketplace for assets and pushed me to other platforms that id really rather not use

Yeah, while I’ve never spent that much on one sale, I have probably spent thousands total. I’ve also been waiting for the spring sale for the better part of a year. Now I find myself reevaluating my spending priorities. I begin to realize I should spend my money better, and am less excited for a sale as the time I thought it would occur passes without fanfare. I’ll be spending much of the money I would have spent here on other things, that’s just a fact, and I’ve already made the decision. It’s for the better, but it’s really poor marketing from Epic.

Luckily, there are new decent sales about once a week. If you check in each Friday, you’ll be able to pick up several new items.

The advantage of the seasonal sales is quantity. More content creators participate since they get an email from Epic.

I wish more did weekly sales. These sales entice potential purchases as they keeping me checking in the store. Plus, there are some occasions where I’ve discovered an author’s other content through their exposure via sales.

Someone at Epic dropped the ball?

Spring Sale event is up!

With almost 4000 assets on discounted sales I don’t see the point anymore.
It’s like trying to sell a game on Steam where nobody can see it or find it to buy.

From what dates is this sale active?

April 2nd - 10th

Is it just me or am I the only one that cant see any sale items in the sales page?

Haven’t checked the launcher, but it’s working fine for me on the website.

You need to click on Spring Sale instead of On Sale.

@YousefBuHazza Can you send an email with a screenshot attached to We’ll look into it for you.

Thank you!

lol first occurrence of my assets is at page 84, I gave up trying to find all the others.
Not expecting to sell anything this time :frowning:

Got sale on Monday and Tuesday (before event starts, known by the price) and nothing during the event, it s not easy to find my asset aswel, the search gets reduced if I filter by the price, but hardly people do that I am afraid.