Spotting system

Hi all, does anyone know how to create a spotting system? Let say like in Battlefield 4, mark enemies to be visible on the minimap. I tried “google and youtube” but I found nothing. Please, anyone, know how to do it?

Hi, you would need

(1) get positions of the actors you want to mark

(2) display an icon at each of those position on the minimap

Which ot those is giving you problems? And what do you have so far, so do you already have a minimap?

I tried to get player position but IT Mark also player what are behind the Wall.

Line/sphere trace by channel (visibility). Break the result and check if it hit a player. If so move along with the marker. Otherwise don’t do anything.

FYI BF doritos live track for a few seconds or so. It’s been awhile since I played.

I know that is only for a few seconds. I and my two friends working on a Multiplayer game and we want to add this functionality. But thanks for your information.

Did some digging. BF4 uses a custom collision diamond (2 cones). Probably setup to ignore everything but pawn and vehicle (overlaps only). On key press (spot), get all overlapping actors of class, loop through results.

You doing the full 3D markers or 2D only?