Spots, polka dots in shadows when doing high res render.


I am relatively new to UE however some time ago i figured out a way to make pretty nice looking renders, visualisation for furniture that my friend produces.
So the issue is that when i apply pretty bright texture ( i use hdri skylight ) then in the shadows there are those spots, dots that look so weird. I tried so many settings and in each of them the outcome is basically the same. However when i zoom in the object and do the render the spots/dots are basically gone. Here are the example renders:

I am totally clueless about this issue to be honest. I was doing other renders with differnt darker textures and there wasn’t basically any problem with those spots.

Thank you in advance for any help,

Hey, maybe Im blind here, but I can’t see it, could you highlight the problem on the images?

But it sounds like its not rendering entirely before the image is taken, although I cant see it.

Are you using RTX? How are you saving the frames?

Of course.

I have GeForce 1060 6gb and raytracing for this project yes. I tried increasing sample for pixel in raytracing even to 16 and i didn’t work at all.

SCREENshoot 1572 wasnt taken with camera, just a screenshot from viewport and i zoomed it and the problem was very minimal there.

Would you be so kind to tell me how you handle your lightmap? :slight_smile:

i didn’t bake any lights. The meshes are set to static and lights are movable.
If that’s what you’re asking?

Ok so now how are you capturing this frame?
Because if you wait a bit the frame stabilizes and you get more detail out of it.

I have to say that i solved the issue by just reducing the screen percentage from 100 to around 75.
The render doesn’t look really much worse than the one taken with 100 screen percentage and there isn’t any mess in shadows. I have no idea what is causing all this chaos in 100 screen perc.

Its probably the definition of the shadows. You got a blurrier image and that may have disguised the flaws.
How are you exporting the frame?

I am exporting with 8x multiplier.

First with 100 screen percentage:

Second with 73 sp:

im not sure if this is the best way to do it because Ive only done animations, so I would try to create a camera and export an animation of your still, but to improve quality what I do is increase internal resolution (not decrease) output at a high res AND put a time for the frame to “mature” also crank up samples in the RT stuff if that is something that Im using.

I tried to export a high res frame and it just looked ■■■■.