spotlight starts flickering after adding them to the Level in UE 5.4

Hi, I was using version 5.4 recently and noticed a strange double-screen issue in my viewport. I tried deleting all the lighting and replacing it, but after placing lights like the spotlight and rectangular light, the viewport started displaying the strange double-screen issue again. Additionally, the lights also started acting weirdly. Please check the video I have attached. Thank you.


Same here, I’ve tried everything I can think of. My project is a commission too, if someone knows a fix please tag me! :confused:

Roll back your Nvidia driver. This problem is coming from one of the newer updates. 552.44 is stable for me.

Despite updating the Nvidia driver and Unreal Engine to 5.4.3, the issue persists. Currently, the only workaround is to disable ray-traced shadows, but as an architectural visualizer, maintaining shadow quality is crucial. Could you please help me resolve this issue without compromising the quality of my shadows?

For the Nvidia driver, the idea is to use an older version, not update it. The newer Nvidia drivers are causing a lot of issues with Unreal like you are seeing.