Spotlight source visibility

Hello everyone,
I got stuck at this little problem. I want headlight for this train so I put spotlight and aimed it to the ground. It´s OK. it lights ground but I want something like on the picture. The source of light be visible with all these effects like bloom, flares etc. (My temporarily solution like on the picture is copied spotlight rotated about 180°, so it affects the train´s headlight.) Also i want add some flare effect (on attached picture) to light but it doesn´t work for me. Could anyone help me with this?
Please forgive my english.

Regards, David

You need to add an emissive texture to your material for the part of the mesh that has the light on there to make it glow. As far as flares go, UE4 has an automatic lens flare effect that’s based on the brightness of the scene, but you can’t control it on a specific light. Realistically lens flares are based on the type of lens that you use and how bright things are in the image so that’s what it’s based on. In UDK you would place a lens flare object where you want a flare but they moved to a more realistic effect for UE4.

I got it! it works and looks really awesome! Thanks for your help.
Best regards,