Spotlight moving in Side-Scroller Template


I’ve been trying to setup a Spotlight in the Side-Scroller Template, but the light moves whenever i move camera - in editor and in play-mode. I wonder if it has something to do with the Camera being fixed?


Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a new project with Side-Scroller Template and Starter Content.
  2. Place an empty cylinder shape to against a wall, rotate it and scale it so it resembles a ‘thick coin’.
  3. Take a spotlight and adjust it’s cones about two times the size of the cylinder. I removed all other lights from the scene.
  4. Apply material - M_Metal_Burnished_Steel - to both, the wall and the cylinder.
  5. Watch the spotlight’s “burning point” move as you move your view in editor.

Now that i did this new project, i realized that M_Brick_Clay_New -material also has this phenomenon - it is just not as easy to see. So i guess it’s something every material has.