Spotlight intensity change attached to pawn replicates on editor but not on packaged game

I’ve been trying to get my flashlight to work on multiplayer and it works fine in the editor, even when I use the standalone mode.
However whenever I package my game and test it both using two instances on the same computer and in LAN on different devices it doesn’t.
I’ve done a bit of debugging and it appears all of my replication events are being executed correctly on the server and client, however the “intensity” variable on my spotlight component remains 0 in the packaged game. Any idea on why this is happening?

The blueprint for my flashlight inside the parent class for the pawns I use.


The debug result for the flashlight called from the client from the editor, as you can see the light intensity is set correctly and the flashlight is visible.



Debug result on the packaged game, on both host and client respectively, the light intensity remains 0 and no one can see their flashlights

(and yes the spotlight attached to the pawn is set to “replicated”)

Any idea on why thiss is happening? thanks in advance

Ok I’m an idiot for some reason Is Editor Only was ticked… guess that solved it