Spoon, water


I’m kinda new to UE4 so it might be a stupid question. :slight_smile: Basically I would like to control a spoon and dip it in the water and then take some water out of it. (Well kinda like eating a soup. :slight_smile: )
Here is a basic illustration:

How could this be achieved? How can I create “water” like that? I don’t need any fancy real water like stuff, in fact I would prefer it in a “cartoonish” way.

I would prefer doing it in 2D (if that makes it any easier).

Figure out the numerical value in the preseted area you have made and subtract that from on and add to the next.

The easiest way is to do it like that (rough overview) :wink:

  1. add a water plane into an actor bp + also add a collision volume
  2. now get an “on begin overlap” event and just set a new Z position value for your plane

So when the spoon touches the water, it will decrease the height

  1. now in your spoon mesh you should have another mesh or material slot for the water
  2. in the material you can change the opacity/colour/… when the player has touched the “on begin overlap” event