Splotchy and Inky shadow troubles

In this picture you can see two of my troubles. I am not sure why the light drops off that heavily at the stairs there and on the post you can see the splotchy shadows. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have pretty simple lighting going on. (Sky, Directional and some points.) There is a point light right above the landing that is black there just out of the camera view. Any advice or videos would be appreciated.

Changing these settings made the water ink shadow go away now I would agree that UV maps would be the issue. I still feel like something else was going on with the inky-ness. My next step is to learn about UV maps anyway for the splotches. I just do not feel like I have any real understanding or handle on lighting. (that light was always there)

I am using Studio. I can bring up the UV map but I cant seem to find the settings that allow me to chose it. I have searched for generate light map and nothing. Is this something that is not yet in studio?

Sigh this program is not intuitive to my brain. Found them apparently details panel is not up by default.

So I fixed the UV maps… I think I have done something wrong. I just set it to the one that looked least convoluted. The weird post has the UV map active the others do not.