Split Screen Local Multiplayer where each player gets their own instance of a level

Hi everyone, I just started learning UE so please bare with my lack of knowledge.

I am trying to create a split screen local multiplayer game where each player has their own dedicated instance of a level. By that I mean that I don’t want the players living in the same world and sharing the same space/level. I want each player to live in their own space and have their own level. The level will be the same exact level, just duplicated for each player

The level will be procedurally generated, so I know that I will have to use Random Streams of some sort to make sure the same level is generated for each player.

All of the local multiplayer tutorials I’ve seen have each player share the same world/space.

How do I go about not sharing the world/space with each player and instead make each player have their own dedicated world/space.

Ok so I’ve learned about Game Modes, Game State, and Player controllers.

What Im thinking is that I keep the random stream in the game state.

Then, in the Player controller, I handle the creation of the map using the random stream from the game state. What I’m hoping is that this will generate the same exact level for each player and each player will be able to have their own world/space.

Am I on the right track here?


Hi @XxWhtlotusxX,

Were you able to do what you wanted? If you managed to do it, do you mind sharing how?
I’m looking for a way to load an instance of a level in split screen (same thing here, each player will have their own separated level).




No I was not able to get it, and so far I havent seen anyone be able to. There are tons of people looking for an answer to this question and its crazy how no one has been able to achieve it.

I ended up just using a single world where everything is shared.

Sorry chief

That’s too bad but thanks for replying I really appreciate it!

Hopefully that’s something that can be done soon enough…

Have a good one