Splines and Planar Reflections not rendering.

Hi, I recently got access to my PC including my old Unreal project I used to work on more than a year ago, so I backed up the project and formated the PC using a fresh copy of windows 10.
After reinstalling UE4 on the latest version 4.20.2 I converted the old project and it seemed to look fine, until I noticed that all the splines in the project were not rendering properly or at all, and the Planar Reflections seem to not be working as well.

The project settings are properly set up and I haven’t hidden or turned any lighting features off. (Epic settings)
Tried different meshes on the splines and nothing works.

Below you can see how the reflections and splines look.
I’d appreciate any help!

Update: Turns out the Planar Reflections were using the “ShowOnly List” with an empty array. Oops