SplineMeshes and Mesh DistanceFields

I am currently playing around with the SplineMeshe Components for things like creating Cave Floors and things like cables… what I found out while doing that is that no Mesh DistanceFields are generated for the resulting SplineMesh.

I checked the base StaticMesh, and sure enough, all the needed settings are activated, and when I drag the StaticMesh into the scene instead of the SplineMesh Blueprint Actor with the Construction script, I see that for the static mesh distance fields are generated and are visible. I checked the construction script and also cannot see anything going wrong.

Now, is there a setting somewhere I missed? Or are SplineMeshes at the moment just not generating distance fields? Is this a feature postponed to a future release or flatout not possible?

Just trying to gauge if Splinemeshes are worth investing more time into when I could instead construct the scene from static meshes without splines with some changed design.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You didn’t miss anything, its just not supported.

Thanks for the quick response!

Any chance it will be supported anytime soon? or is it a technical limitation?

EDIT: Well, I found the option to “Merge Actors”, which can be used to replace the Spline with a static mesh. I guess that does the trick. Am I right to assume converting to a static Mesh is advisable anyway for performance reasons?

Technical limitation; the visible spline mesh is deformed in the shader, so what you see isn’t what’s actually there when it comes to generating distance fields.

It’s a reasonable thing to do; the catch is that if you do this often, you run the risk of using an inordinate amount of unique meshes.