SplineMesh EndPosition to WorldSpace?

Hey there,

i am trying to create a “hook” visual-function (the function itself already works), and im doing it by creating a splineMesh at my character and then i tried to set the start point at my shootOutLocation and then i tried to tick the EndLocation at my target…but as i already realized the End Pos is only the component space Location not the world Space. So is there a simple way to do this or even in different ways? Just to make things clear: imagine a gun shoots out a rope in a certain direction which always follows the path of the start shoot out location and then after a while it comes back to the gun but the gun itself moves and rotates.

i already have a cheap solution which looks **** ugly…the spline itself is ticked to the characters location and the the rotation finds the look rotation of the target and the distance by comparing varibles to add the forward vector…but as i said it works but looks not in any way as kind of a rope.

Hope you understand what i mean and you guys can help me
Cheerio P.A.

Setting the positions of the spline points is indeed in local space, relative to the spline mesh component. What you probably want to do is to use the inverse transform location node, with the Transform input being the world transform of the spline mesh component, and the location being the target. If that solves the ‘ugly’ problem (probably not) I don’t know and I think we need more information what’s going on there to come with suggestions.

I kinda fixed it by creating a Cable Actor which does what i want.
Maybe not that accurate and not that many modifiactions you can do but for now it is fine :wink:

cheerio P.A