Spline Not Following Spline Mesh

I’m making a grind mechanic, I create a spline mesh in the construction script that adds movable static meshes along a spline. everything’s great until I start to curve the spline and the spline gets disconnected from the top of the mesh. I looked in wire frame and it looks like there’s a good amount of faces on the mesh (928 triangles) because at first I thought that was the problem but I’m new to splines so if anyone has any insight please let me know!

The only thing I can thing to do is create two splines, one for the mesh and another for the grinding mechanic to use, That seems super time consuming to line up a second spline manually every time so thanks in advance for any help.

Below is a video of the problem and the important part (at least I think its the important part) of the construction script for the rail

I guess that you mean BP? I think you only choose what static mesh to display in the spline. Idk if it’s possible to attach blueprints in splines, I might be wrong.