Spline Mesh Component Material change


I’m trying to create a spline that has a cylinder mesh with a metallic material. All in blueprints.
I’ve succeeded in creating a spline, using two points that are calculated from the positions of certain objects. The spline is immediately set with the cylinder mesh but the material doesn’t change. I’ve tried setting it directly in the “Add Spline Mesh Component” node and also afterwards in the “Set Material” node. Nothing works.
The image below shows the nodes I used. The node “Get Points for Fulcrum Line” is a function that return the calculated begin and end points of the spline.

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I’ve found the solution in my case. The material you use on the spline mesh component needs to have the checkbox “Used with Spline Meshes” enabled.


Your initial question and subsequent answer helped me in solving a part of my project. Thanks

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