Spline editing in blueprint

Hello guys,

I think this is very important option. Currenty we can edit simple only per instance but I would like to edit spline in blueprint too and then place this blueprint with my spline into level. It is very annoying if I need to use some blueprint multiple times and I always need to manually adjust spline per instance. (I know that I can use construction script)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Dokipen’s tutorial shows how you can use a single blueprint to make a spline containing many meshes:

I do agree though that it would be great to be able to control the spline mesh points in blueprint and not just the spline points.

Thank you for reply. I think he control points in Blueprint Graph and then edit them in world. It would be handy if we could edit points in Components panel when we add new component.

We would certainly like to add support for editing the spline component in the Blueprint editor (which would probably require disabling per-instance editing), but it is a little more complicated than we initially hoped :frowning: Hopefully we will get to it at some point though!

Thank you for your reply, yes that is what I thought. I hope you will find some time for this feature later. You are doing great work :slight_smile:

He does yes, but you can use the same system through blueprint. If you look at my rivers they are all procedurally placed through blueprint with no manual placement. I spawn a blueprint in my world and it drops the entire river on the map.

I think allowing control point editing would make things cleaner, especially since I have to use perhaps dozens or hundreds of meshes to bend into my rivers, but you can at least make it work until better options arrive. :slight_smile:

Just chiming in on how useful this would be to me. I’ve been looking for a good, clean way to re-use splines (having them as assets would be great), but simply being able to edit them in the BP component editor would also be a huge boon.

Has there been any progress on this? I’m building a game where I have different enemies, each with their own blueprint. I put the enemies in groups which is another blueprint and I would like the group blueprint to have a spline that it would path along. Currently I have to create instances of my blueprint and individually create a splined path for each instance of a group blueprint. This is extremely tedious and I would love to have a default spline path define in the blueprint.

Lets get it in the editor!

Just ran into this as well - would be extremely useful to be able to edit spline I the blueprint viewport ++

I still need that too, so +1 :slight_smile:

Same here, I am spawning floor tiles in an infinite runner and would love to make the paths on a spline road within the blueprint editor.

Lets keep this year-old thread going! :stuck_out_tongue: This should have been there from the start! I’m not sure exactly what they had in mind when making splines, but they would much, much more useful if you could edit them inside blueprints. I mean, you can always put a blueprint inside a map, you can’t put a map inside a blueprint.

+1 for this request - I had to abandon my attempts to use splines for procedural attack animations due to not being able to edit them in the blueprint viewport.

+1 for this feature.

+1 This would make my life so much easier.

+1 +1 +1

It’s been over a year, guys.

Any news on this?

One possible workaround - far from ideal off course, would be to use the curve editor to create simpler 2d curves and use them to build the splines, if only it was possible to export the curve key frames as an array of vector 2d. Would this be possible to implement?

What I tend to do is:

Create a blueprint function library with a function that return a vector array, based on an enum parameter which selects the spline.
Each spline blueprint can now iterate through the array in the constructor and build a local instance copy.
Add a boolead “Locked” variable and only build the local copy if “not locked”.

Now you can place the BP in the level, select the spline by enum and “lock” it.
You can now tweak instance values as you like.
If you want to “reset”, simply unlock and recompile.

if i read correctly this issue was fixed in 4.11 correct?