Spline editing in blueprint

Any news on this as I cannot seem to edit the spline points in a blueprint using 4.11.2. As a workaround:

  • create SplineBluePrint with 1 Spline component
  • in blueprintA add a public variable of type SplineBlueprint.
  • add the SplineBluePrint in the level
  • add the BluePrintA to the level
  • Select the BluePrintA
  • goto the variable SplineBluePrint and selecte the one from the level

Now I can update the spline in the editor and use it in the blueprint. However if I want to use the BluePrintA in a other level I am forced to redo the spline editing there.

Does someone have a better workaround?
Any update on this feature?


Dammit, I have just been trying to figure out why I cant click on the other point of the spline in my BP. This is a feature I did not expect to be missing. I can’t really edit it in level because it needs to be on a pawn which is spawned.

So I am adding a +1 to this please.

+1 I can’t believe this isn’t implemented. If I want to spawn objects that travel along a spline relative to them, this should be determined by the object not by the level. I shouldn’t have to fish around in the level for a spline object for my objects to know how to move.

+1 Had planned on using splines for movement on a pawn. Looks like I might need to re-plan.

+1 Still waiting…

+1 please please

2 years in the making, more aniticipated than BF1, +1 for this or a workaround please!

Who is spawning the objects?
You could have a spawner object tst has a list of splines called “PatrolRoutes”, or something.
Once an object is spawned it gets the desired route assigned. This also allows for more flexibility.

You can edit spline components in BP since 4.13 or maybe even 4.12.