Spline Clone - Baked lighting


My problem is: I’ve created a BP_SplineCloner that adds Static Mesh Components based on a pre-defined distance. After that a Set Static Mesh node, followed by a Set Mobility (Static).

If I place the nodes inside the Construction Script, the meshes aren’t Static after all. It works, if I place the nodes inside a function that is called inside the editor. I can build the light and everything works fine, but if I build the whole game, the blueprint has been reset.

Anyone has a solution? Seems like all the examples for SplineCloner I’ve found don’t care about baked lighting.
Or is spawning a lot of BP’s containing the static meshes the better solution?

Update: I’ve switched to the BP spawner. I’ve created BP Actors with the static mesh inside and spawn them along the spline (like before). The whole thing happens inside the custom ‘Create’ function, not while Construct. And I store all the BP’s in an array so I can delete them with a ‘Delete’ function - if needed.