Spline-based mesh generation

Hello everyone!

4.8 have been released for couple of days now, and there is this new feature that allows you to draw polygons in the world.

I wanted to play a bit with it, but accidently made spline-based generation, that generates objects in real-time. :smiley:

Here is the video demo of what i’ve done.

0:00 - Simple cylinder generation
0:50 - Generation by spline-based shape
4:18 - Generation along spline
I’m very sorry for a long video… Wanted to show all the possibilities.


  • Cylinder generation (Radius and height)
  • Cylinder taper
  • Show/Hide Caps
  • Side count
  • Custom shape mesh generation (Makes rounded meshes based on spline shape. Like Lathe modifier in 3dsMax.).
  • Generation along spline (Takes shape and extrude it along another spline)
  • Iteration support
  • Closed splines support (I don’t know why, but it works only in real-time. In vewport mesh will still has a hole)
  • Invert normal support
  • Material support of course
  • Everything is commented, as well as every variable.

Next version overview:

Made with 4.8 P1 and wont work on any versions below 4.8

So cool !!! Thanks in advance for this gift (after pipes and inventory !!! )^^

Thank you, Fen :slight_smile:

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Done. :slight_smile:

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Added download link to the first post as promised :slight_smile:

Cool, I was just thinking of making something like this myself. Now I don’t have to :slight_smile:

The download site doesn’t work for me though. Would it be possible to put the project on Github?

Hmm. It should work…

Try this one: Dropbox - Error

That one worked! Thanks :slight_smile:

Just found out, that there was Custom Mesh function before 4.8. And the new one is Pocedural Mesh Component that allows to do much more awesome stuff, including UV’s, normals and tangents.

I’ll play with it and make something similar to my current generator, but with such functions as UV’s and smoothing. Well… I’ll try to make :smiley:

This is coooooool…need to play with it. Thanks for sharing!

Playing with new Procedural mesh…

I did the same system, but now it supports smoothing and UVs (Cylindrical). And also some information stuff, like Normal and Tanget visualization or Tris and Vert Count.

Here is the first screenshot :slight_smile:

Do you like GIFs? ^^

Here is some :slight_smile:

All of these features will be in the next version, so wait a bit. I will release beta soon. (I feel like making 3D application :D)

Spline-based rounded generation

Generate rounded objects by defining spline’s shape. This shape will generate vertexes and polygons around actor’s center.
Extruding shape along spline

You can define path, by wich your shape will be pulled. Great for making tunnels, pipes or roads.
Iteration support

Change iteration count to make your object be more smoothed.
You can close splines to make loops

You can close splines to make seamless geometry. UV’s will also fits new properties.
You can scale UVs.

You do not need to scale your textures inside materials, just do it right on object’s instance.
By the way… Texture applies around geometry or along spline
Uniform topology.

Uniform your topology to make your polygons generate with almost same size. Also effects UV’s.

Great stuff, looking great! :slight_smile:

Very cool man

Is it possible to create spline-based roads?

Yeah, sure.

*When go Epic to add the advanced splines… ??

The default object is the cylinder. Can I use cube?

I will add more primitives, yeah…

This looks super useful! However… I’m not getting any UVs and 4.8 Prev3 crashes when I try to build a starter scene (chairs, table and sculpture) with an instance of the generator placed in the scene.

Any chance of adding intermediate splines to modify a lofted surface along the way? (Adding splines in the middle and at the end to sculpt the shape :slight_smile: