Splatmap from World Machine results in landscape material being offset.

I’ve been playing around with the free version of WM and imported a terrain today. I created a splatmap based on height in WM and used that to control the 3 textures I’m using. My problem is that all of the textures are shifted, they aren’t where they should be even though the splatmap seems fine. The placement is correct when I view it in WM. Heightmap is 513x513 and the splatmap is 512x512. I didn’t change any of the sections, component size, etc., I let the engine do it automatically.

Here’s my setup in WM:

And here’s a shot of the scene: http://i.imgur.com/2yKtzNO.jpg


I think this is the fix to the problem you’re having:

Skip to 4:14 for the solution!

I had the same problem as well although I didn’t use world machine I used Geocontrol2.
They pretty much do the same thing but they both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Hope this helps!

I’d already specified 512 for the landscape coords. I did go into the component resize tool and saw that the resolution was at 568x568, and the components are not a power of 2. Changing some of those parameters helped, but it still seems off by a bit.

Always oversize in WM for textures and let the landscape Coord node do the rest. You have to set the LM coord to the size of the terrain tile.

  1. Import your height map into UE4, while you change the component sizes, note the mesh resolution size it creates. This will be the resolution of your splatmap.
  2. Resize your splatmap to the size you noted in step 1.
  3. In your material, I’m guessing you are using a Landscape Co-ord node. In the details, set the mapping size to the same size of your splat.

To reiterate- the mesh resolution, splatmap and Landscape Co-ord Node details must ALL have the same number.

Awesome, thanks.