spiral blur material node what version?

I’m going crazy how people in the community seems not to know how to create a blur glass material. theres a couple of thread online but is not really clear. specially for noobs like me. Ive seen a page where a person shows how to use a spiral blur material node. (How To Use The Spiral Blur Material Node - Epic Wiki ) theres a picture there where its shows a node name “spiralblur-scenetexture”. I cant get this node anywhere in my material editor. I’m wondering if it is because of the engine version. the author of that page did not include the engine version. I’m currently using 4.9 right now.

hopefully someone can help. I just want to know how to create a blur glass material. and control how blurry its goin to be. thanks in advance! stay awesome guys!

hi there, you have differents options for that.
you can achieve this using a postprocess blurr + custom stencil pass for exemple.
like trying that postproecss blur : So Blurred glass material is impossible in Unreal Engine 4? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums (end of thread)
and mask it with a custom stencil. it should do the trick.
for 4.9 i don’t know about spiral blur, but in 4.12 i can have it, so you may need to update

I recommend updating to 4.12. It may be in there.

Ive already been on that thread. Its actually one of those thread that I’m talking about. I cant get working on my end :frowning: But I’m gonna try it again :slight_smile:
can you make a tutorial for a noob like me?

Ive tried doin it. it works fine for fullscreen render. havent tried the stecil yet. because it drastically decreases FPS. Sad ;(