Spin mesh locally via WPO [help]

Hey guys! I’m trying to spin this propeller via WPO, which I have vertex painted blue. I have the spinning working, but I’m stuck trying to figure out how I can move the static mesh with the wpo piped in without it going bonkers. I have the TransformPosition piped into the pivotPoint which lets me move the mesh around my scene fine, but when I begin to rotate it, the propeller will move out of place. I have another tranform piped in to Rotation amount, but its not responding the way I’m thinking this should work. Any help is appreciated !

Graph of wpo:


You should use RotateAboutAxis node and apply transform to normalized rotation axis.

Interesting, thanks! It behaves the opposite way now, I can rotate it fine, but when I move it around my scene it shoots out of place. Does something else possibly need to be piped into WorldPosition instead of the AbsoluteWorldPosition?


NormalizedRotationAxis is a vector, so you should use TransoformVector.
To sum it up, pivot should be (0,0,0) TransformPosition LocalToWorld
Rotation axis should be (1,0,0) TransformVector LocalToWorld

ah yes, that’s what was confusing me, it worked out, thank you!