Spherical Texture RealTime

Hello !

I have a problem with the Scene Capture Cube. After creating my Cube Render target, I want to place it in my HUD to record it and having a 360 video.
But when I try to place my texture on my material, it doesn’t work

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I bump it because I really need your help and it’s very important to me !

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Try using CameraVector as the coordinates.


With a Camera Vector, I have a Reflection type.
I just want to have the same render as the TextureRenderTarget, but on a material, and not like a reflection :confused:

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Just multiply cameravector by 1,1,-1. I am not sure why it is mapped upside down by default. I had forgotten about that but you get used to it.

Thank you for your answer but i also have a relfection material

I’m sorry to waste your time with this problem :confused:

I want to have a texture wich is a 360 texture to place on a material, record it and place into my oculus to have a 360 video

Thank you

Try -1 for x and y as well. It will be one of those combinations.

hey sorry I didn’t understand your question properly. since i saw you post in another thread I answered it there:

haha thank you so much for your help and no problem :3