Spherical stereoscopic rendering

Hi dudes,
after a couple of months of intense R&D we found a way to bake a full 360 degrees 3D stereo environment - in (almost) a single step! :wink:
The setup is quite resource-hungry and depending on your scene it may go as low as 0.2fps or even slower, but compared to traditional offline rendering methods it’s still quite a result.
We achieve a couple of stitched pics using a combination of smart UVs, render targets, custom shaders and Blueprints. There’s still room for improvements on both the UVs and stitching, but we’re confident we will make it soon… just check the attached pics with your own Oculus / Cardboard setup and let us know what you think. Currently we’re optimizing the whole process to make it work with a Matinee sequence… Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Nice work!:smiley:

Great job. Do you plan to release it somehow? Does you method support 32bit output?

This is very cool.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

We need to polish some rough edges before, but we’re planning to release it somehow in the near future.
It supports HDR out-of-the-box for still images, but not for animated sequences (unless Epic introduces EXR rendering for Matinee sequences! :wink: )

That is great!
We would be interested in buying this solution when ready.

Look! John likes our stuff! :wink:

Hi, this sounds Awesome!
We are very interested in this Plugin, how’s the R&D going? any chance you releasing it soon?

Hi guys, just a quick update: we’ve been busy with contract work and stuff like that in the last few months, but we hope to show you something very soon! Let’s keep our fingers crossed! :wink:
Anyway, a small disclaimer (since there must have been some misunderstanding, according to the PM’s we’ve been receiving lately! :wink: ): we’re no coders, just 3D artists / content creators and our method is based on UE4 built-in tools + some custom meshes/shaders.

Thank you for showing. How did this be achieved? Can you share the production steps? Thank you

any update??

Hey guys, just a quick heads up!
We’re in the process of rebuilding the whole thing from the ground-up since we met a couple of dead-ends with the current method…
Anyway, this is the latest results we can get with the current system. As you can see, the stereoscopic effect has greatly improved.
(Sorry, but cannot embed images apparently…)
Feedback welcome, as always! :slight_smile:

DX Capture
SX Capture

Release date?

Hi guys,

Are you any closer to a release date for this, I’m super excited and would love to get my mitts on this plugin.

Many thanks,


Hi guys,

I’m attempting this too. Currently trying a pre-vertex approach, just figured out how to displace the vertices by editing the BasePassVertexShader, but the deferred rendered shadows aren’t affected by stereo, trying to figure that…

Another quick teaser! :wink:
Since Youtube just added support for omni-directional stereo / stereopano videos… well, here we go!
Grab your Cardboard and enjoy! :slight_smile:


I posted my implementation in a new thread: Implementing OmniStereo Rendering - Showcase - Epic Developer Community Forums

See my video capture: YouTube

Hi guys, a little bump…
We updated the whole system by rewriting it from scratch, optimized lots of things and made it Blueprint-based completely.
No plug-ins needed , no compiling from source, nothing. All you need is UE4! :wink:
The new method is waaay faster and requires less memory and less GPU processing power (but beware: we made all our test on GTX980 and GTX980ti !!!)

Stay tuned! More, nice news in the next few days, promised! :slight_smile:

Here we go! A small teaser…
You can watch it on you Android + Cardboard in full 4K ODS glory! :wink:

As soon as we finalize a couple of things left, we’ll open a new thread in the VR forums.
For those interested, a quick poll: how much are you willing to pay for such a rendering system?
Please note: it will consist of a blueprint based project with custom assets and will work out-of-the-box with the standard launcher version of UE4.



There are some free versions already out there, does your system do anything different?
What is the maximum render size?
Can you export HDR?
Can you render SSR?
Can you render post process effects ?

It would be great to have more info so we can evaluate how much is it worth.



  1. all the free versions we know about are limited in the stereo effect. Our method is real ODS (Omni Directional Stereo) with higher quality and not broken stitching
  2. maximum render size is 4096x2048x2 (left eye / right eye) at the moment, but you could go beyond that (but I suppose current hardware isn’t quite there yet)
  3. the capture is HDR, but of course Matinee/sequencer output is not
  4. Not tested SSR yet (but there’s no real screen space in a 360 degree view I suspect…) - will let you know ASAP
  5. Post process FX: bloom, grading, flares seem to work. But not tested all of them yet.