Spherical Adventure : Demo available :-) (Blueprint Only)

Unreal Engine 4 - Spherical adventure


A word about the game
Hello UE4 users, I’m to present my game created on my free time in two months: 2 weeks to learn the new powerful Unreal Engine 4 and the rest of my time to create everything. The game is created with Blueprint only; there is no C++ .

So the game is taking place in a facility where silver spheres are making the law while golden spheres are simply destroyed. But one of them will wake up and you are going to take the control of it. This special ball will have to go through a series of dangerous test rooms composed of platform and puzzle sequences.

My inspirations are Portal, Q.U.B.E (I was Level Designer on this one) but also Zelda for the evolution system. It was really important for me to show something polished and with quality. The DevTest team at Ubisoft Annecy playtested the game and gave me a lot of good feedback to improve the game. Now this is the Version 1.1 of the game and I hope I could have more feedbacks from you guys.

As you can see, all assets are coming directly from Unreal; they are all modified by me to adapt them better to my game. Of course for a full game I want to have my own assets.

Assets about the game
I have created a trailer for the game to make it easier to show and understand so feel free to look at it, there is also a build and a video walkthrough of the demo.

**TRAILER : **


For a better experience, please use a controller.
Please install first the vcredistx86 which is necessary to make Unreal run on your PC.
Then you just need to choose the exe with the resolution of your choice and enjoy.

A word about me
My name is Alexandre Senadji, I’m a long time Unreal user for personal and professional projects. I started on Unreal Engine 2.5 with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, then UDK comes out and I started to create a lot of personal projects, Level Design, Game Design, prototype etc… And today Unreal Engine 4 is out and this is awesome.

My first real professional experience was as Level Designer for Toxic games on the game Q.U.B.E, I worked 2 years and a half with them and I learned so much on how create an indie video game. Directly after I was entering at Ubisoft to work as DetTester on Assassin’s creed Black Flag and now I’m working on Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Even with a full time job I’m taking the time to work on my own creation because that’s what I love to do. Create, innovate, and bring something cool for players. Take a look at my portfolio right : http://asenadji.wix.com/portfolio

More details about the game
For UE4 users I’m sure you would like to have more details about how I created the game. I will try to give as much information as possible about what is in the game and if you are interested about a feature feel free to ask I would love to share my experience with you. is a list of all elements I created for the game:

  • A ball with a camera attached, you can control both using 2 joysticks. The ball is moving using Physics. The ball controls are really different from the UE4 template.
  • I have 10 rooms in 7 levels working with a streaming system.
  • Material and FX (I modified a lot of already existing things).
  • 2 cut scenes created with matinee.
  • Destructible actors.
  • Power system: allow the ball to Move, Jump, Double Jump and Dash.
  • Puzzle features: Ball in fire, Ball can change size, Ball lighted, buttons, doors, energy sphere etc.
  • The ball can die when falling into the lava (cinematic with effects).
  • Checkpoint system to allow player restart close to where he died.
  • Scoring system calculated with the time and number of death.
  • Save system to keep the 3 best scores ever made.
  • Load System to display the 3 best scores on the main menu screen.
  • HUD displaying the number of energy spheres in possession.
  • HUD displaying a real time timer.

This is not an exhausting list but I think there are the main features listed . If you guys are interesting to know how are working one or more features please let me know and I could explain it. It could be too complicated to create a tutorial about the game so it will be easier like that.

So thank you very much for being and if you are trying the build please give me your feedbacks on it. And don’t forget that you can talk about the game if you like it ;-).

Hey, looks cool. Definitely some interesting effects in there :slight_smile: Best of luck with your project!

That’s looking great! I took 19 minutes to get to the end and it just said “not bad”, is that too slow? :frowning:

Of course there are questions!

More specifically, how did you do those distortion effects when picking up an energy (…ball? blob?) or when jumping?

Also these 3d hud things that show info, with an opening and closing animation, how do those work with blueprints?


Also as a suggestion, allow movement with WASD, not everyone has a controller. S and D do as expected but W and A do nothing :frowning:

Cool stuff! I love ball rolling games and this one looks really polished. I particularly like the screenshot with the “observer balls” in the chairs. :smiley:

And yeah, how did you do the distortion effect? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 100% sure this topic had more posts before the maintenance mode.

Really awesome work, Alexandre! I particularly enjoyed your level construction. The flow was very strong and really made for an enjoyable play experience.

It’s also cool to see what you’ve accomplished with Blueprints. I was showing off your game to a few of our Blueprint team members in Seattle yesterday.

Zeblote, unfortunately we lost some forum data yesterday. More info in this post. Hopefully if people’s comments were lost they will come by this thread again and comment anew.

aha no 19 minutes is really good, especially for a first try. I didn’t lose to much time tweaking the values, for the moment it’s kind of hardcore because it’s possible to complete the game in less than 8 minutes. The time score is really made to replay the game and be close to 10 min.

For the distorsion effect there is simply a value that you can tweak with the Material Editor, it’s called Refraction. I simply used this and created a growing sphere effect :-). The jump is coming from UE4 exemple content as same as the 3D HUD thing that you can find in a special mapp called blueprint office. This is an awesome work from Unreal guys ;-).

Anyway thanks a lot for your supports this is good to hear that the game is fun.

I’m really glad to have an answer from an unreal Engine Developper. Thank you very much for what you said it really push me to be even better. Thanks for sharing the game with team members too this is amazing for me :-).

Is there a plan for users to put projects like that on the market place? because for the moment there is ony Unreal works available. Is this something planed to have for you? A marketplace full of users projects could help a lot of other users. Unity marketplace is really cool and I hope you could have something similar one day. I’ll be glad to put my projects on it :-).

Thanks again for all your support.

I tried messing with this, but I couldn’t get it working. It would just be a transparent sphere no matter what I put in refraction. Could you post a screenshot of your material? :slight_smile:

…guess I need to look better next time. Found them, great!

Sure I’ll send the material and FX screenshots when I go back from work :-).

Realy cool game, some hints :


  • You realy have this great feel to become better when you passing a hard plateform. You feel more skilled.
  • Controls and camera are great.
  • Difficulty progression seem good.
  • Clean build.
  • Great level design


-Graphics and effects… expect particul’s effects are not that great, too much grain. (you could use apex for exemple for wood destruction)
-The small sphere phase is kinda off, i really didnt like it (too slow i guess).
-The HUD is off but yeah Slate isnt blueprint friendly, not your fault :frowning:

I realy enjoyed the game. my record 26m15s :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes that will be great :smiley:

I love hardcore games, I really hope they are coming back into style

Great work MisterDante!



That is indeed the plan. We will however roll out the market place in phases so please don’t be discouraged if the first phase only has Epic items and select others. It is a lot of infrastructure to build and test and we want to make sure that things work smoothly at every step before taking the next.

Looks cool! The use of UE4’s already-existing marketplace effects are extremely noticeable however, I was worried we’d start seeing a lot of them in games.

Hi misterdante,

This is looking very cool! If you have the time, please take a look at our Wiki and create a page for your game.

No don’t leave us :frowning:

Please post this :frowning:

Great work so far misterdante! Can’t wait to see what else you have to show us in future updates. Keep up the great work!

Yes that’s the problem when you’re not an artist, you have to use already existing things. For the most of existing things I take the time to modified them. Shaders looks differents, effect are different too, but I’m always starting with an existing base. My focus was Level Design and programming with blueprint so using existing assets is not really so important for me.

Thanks you for your comment, I will take the time to do that soon :slight_smile: