Spherical Adventure : Demo available :-) (Blueprint Only)

Thanks this is really nice to have comments from unreal Engine Developper. You guys are just amazing, your engine is just the best in the world. I already started a new project which is the IOS version of this one. But this is clearly not a game that you can simply put on IOS. platformer game with joystick are not good on mobile. So I try to find something cool playable with 1 finger only. I already have a starting prototype but of course I will post about this when this is ready :-).

Aha, sorry Zeblote, my work at ubisoft is taking too much time and I can’t even open Unreal when I am at home. But I don’t forget you and I’ll send this as soon as I can (should be tomorrow :-)).

If anyone is interested by something else present in the game feel free to ask I’ll be glad to help :-).

Looks nice. The background story makes me think of the movie Flatland (2007) :smiley: maybe you got some inspiration from that movie? :slight_smile:

Did this die?

Congratulation on your work I know it took you so hard to develop them and good luck on the crowdfunding I wish I could give you the funding of at least $10, I’m also broke myself. Best of luck to you.