Sphere Velocity Module in Niagra?

I’m trying different approaches to get particles to move in a spherical direction, but not from a single point in the center of the emitter, but so these spawn at random locations inside a sphere (or sphere surface) and fly off from the normal of that sphere. I can easily get particles to spawn in a spherical pattern, but always from the center, with ‘Add Velocity from Point’ or ‘Add Velocity’ with a random vector. Not exactly what I need.

This function exists in Cascade and is sooo useful. In Cascade I can use the sphere properties to cap hemispheres with the velocity multipliers and create neat effects super quickly. Every approach I’ve tried with Niagara has been very cumbersome. Is there any way to get this functionality by linking ‘Sphere Location’ with the Particle.Velocity in any way? Kind of a beginner here with Niagara. I’m sure it’s possible but I’m still learning the ropes.

Derp. Figured it out. I keep forgetting that the order in which I place the modules is important, unlike Cascade. In Particle Spawn I add a ‘Sphere Location’ and the ‘Add Velocity from Point’ has to come afterwards.

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Lol, had the same issue :smiley: Thanks for the solution! <3