Sphere trace, a straight forward one..

I have been trying for a few days now to get an accurate sphere trace when using the Oculus rift, however… Im having some issues with getting the trace to go just straight forward… so basically… if there is a hitpoint, then that hitpoint should always be straight forward…

Has anyone managed to create an accurate trace to use with the Oculus rift?

For the record, Im using the DK2 so Im not sure if the headtracking in some way might effect the outcome…

Any ideas?

All suggestions are most welcome!


Some screens

current bp

when looking straight forward this works fine since the “hitpoint” is centered in the middle and the trace seems to be just forward and no offset from the start-point

When looking down, there seems to be an offset of the start-point for some reason, same thing when looking up…

you need to add the offset of the position of the DK2 to the position of the camera.