Sphere reflection rendered as sphere in level sequence

I have done a level sequence, and i have programmed the movement of a camera in it. When I launch it from the level blueprint, when the camera goes near a reflection sphere, the reflection sphere is rendered as an sphere…

If i doesnt play the level sequence, the sphere reflection is not visible, as it sould be.

This seems a bug, sphere reflections must not be rendered as spheres never, isnt true?

Hi iaguilera,

Which camera type are you using (Camera or CineCamera)? Also, I assume you’re referring to the sphere reflection capture. I made sure in my tests to trigger the sequence with and event in the Level Blueprint and not using “Auto-Play”. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to reproduce the issue.

If you make a small example project, can you get it to reproduce there? I have another person seeing differences in playback between “Auto-Play” and being triggered by an event in the Level Blueprint. I’d like to see if there is some connection.

I put a CineCameraActor, and animated in the LevelSequence. I played the sequence in the level blueprint. Yes I refer to Spere Reflection Capture…

I made a simple Project that reproduces the issue, can I upload here?

You might not be able to fit it in the upload limit here, but you can upload to google drive or dropbox and post a download link here.

Its a very small project, only for reproduce the issue…


and is normal its visible as a sphere? if I remove the animation is not visible

Hey iaguilera,

That’s actually your default pawn. If you eject (F8) during PIE, then you can select objects in the level while it’s still running. When you select the sphere, it shows in the World Outliner that it’s your default pawn.

Edit: Moved this question out of the Bug Reports section

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and is ok is visible? if I remove the animation is not visible…

You need to make your own Pawn BP that doesn’t have a sphere or move your player spawn point away from the area you want to capture with your camera. It isn’t the reflection capture actor.

The reason it isn’t visible if you remove the cinematic is because you are possessing the pawn. Your player camera is inside the sphere, so you don’t see it. When you switch to a camera outside of your pawn, then you see the sphere.

Ok understand, thanks a lot :slight_smile: