Sphere Reflection Capture has no effect


I have a metallic smooth material, which reflect Screen Space Reflections (SSR), but when I want to use a reflection sphere, all reflections dissappear. I use r.SSR.Quality 0 to disable screen space reflections from the console.

This thread here (Reflection not using reflection spheres? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums) mentions that I need to bake my lightmap, but what is it and how do I do it? I have set my lightsource to static, but no effect.

See screenshots

Example Reflections-1.4 work fine with reflection spheres:

ScreenSpaceReflections Work:

But Sphere Reflection Capture makes the material all black!!!

Using unreal engine 4.4.

OK Found it.

I needed to “build” the level with the build button at the top of the bar.

See screenshot

Actually you don’t need to build your entire level, you can select the drop down menu next to the build button and select build lighting only, or if your lighting is already built and you don’t want rebuild it all to get reflections, select your reflection sphere and then in the details panel there is a button called Capture or update captures, hit that and your reflection data for that sphere will update :smiley: