Sphere reflection capture crashing

Hi we are expecting a serious crash with reflection captures in UE 4.15.

When placing and removing a sphere reflection capture, after two or three times the engine crashes.
I debugged in VS and I get this in ReflectionEnvironmentCapture.cpp

Hi ginwakeup,

Please provide the following information.

  • Logs
  • Epic/Login ID (this is shown in the crash reporter window)

Currently I suspect your crash is related to this issue that has occurred in very high frequency for 4.15.2.

It is already fixed in 4.16 however, you may want to test this yourself on a preview build.

I am not using render targets, however it has been fixed in 15.2 hotfix as I see.

If you do encounter the crash again please provide the above information and a detailed description of what you were doing leading up to the crash.

Thank you!