sphere reflection capsule on mobile - how it work?

I’ve I really big problem to understand reflections on mobile.

Please take a look (maybe it’s an bug)
I’ve ONE reflection capsule, really small.

Aftrer playing on mobile preview everything is brighten up. I thought that It will lit only the spot with the radius…

When I delete this capsule and play on mobile everything is black… Dropbox - Error

Why this happen? Can anyone from Epic explain how reflections work on mobile and how can I create my environment properly?


You can find more information on reflections for mobile here: Rendering Features for Mobile Games in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation. Thank you and have a great day!

Thanks but the information in Documentation is really basic…Why when I’m putting one reflection sphere with small radius it’s making reflections to entire level? I can’t place couple of small reflection spheres because my level will have to much lighting…

To reproduce that just place one reflection capsule with 3000 radius to cover your scene, after that put another reflection capsule near your light with radius 200-300 - you will see that this small reflection capsule will light up everything.


Are you still experiencing this bug since 4.2.1? Please let us know if you still need assistance as we have as of yet been unable to reproduce this effect. Thank you!

Hi , sorry for delay about the update but yes - it’s working correctly so this can be closed. Now I’ve a problem with proper reflections on mobile described here: any improvements planned for reflections on mobile? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums maybe you can look at it :wink:


I will go ahead and mark this one as answered, I will try to have a look at the other question soon. Thank you!