Sphere falls trough the floor sometimes

Hi, I have this simple but frustrating problem.
I have created a simple scene with the sphere from the shapes folder and the floor from the architecture folder (all from the starter content). Both objects have collision bounds set, and the sphere is set to simulate physics. The sphere is set above the floor. When I click play, then the sphere fall to the floor, bounces once and then lies still… most of the time… and this is what´s frustrating. If I start the same system several time without changes, then some times (perhaps once out of ten) , the sphere just falls trough the floor.

Is there some setting I can adjust that will make the sphere not fall trough sometimes ?

Any help will be much appreciated !

Hey Morten -

Go into your Project Settings >> Engine >> Physics >> Frame Rate >> Substepping and set to True. You can adjust the delta timing as well depending on the results you are getting.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks !
Adjusting these parameters, I found some that worked very nicely… now the sphere never goes trough the floor (and also generates a hit event, triggering a blueprint that makes it explode :slight_smile:

Thanks for excellent and quick help !